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Leasing and hire purchase are financial products designed to allow a business to use an asset over a fixed period in return for regular payments. The client sources the asset to be purchased by Liberty, but it is insured and maintained by the client. Monthly payments are effectively secured against the asset or vehicle.


Why choose hire purchase or finance lease?

QuestionLease Purchase (HP)Finance Lease
Will we own the asset?YesNo
Can the asset be invoiced by Liberty to a third party at the end?No Yes
Is this a Fixed Rate product?YesYes
Is this on a fixed term agreement?YesYes
Is there a secondary rental period?NoYes
Is the asset off balance sheet?NoNo
How is VAT reclaimable?All on day 1Monthly
Does this product ease cashflowYesYes
Can a residual ‘balloon’ payment at the end be used to decrease the monthly commitmentYesPotentially
Can payments be structured seasonally/stagedIf appropriateIf appropriate
Can we overpay?Subject to approvalSubject to approval
Can we use this product for refinance purposesYes “Sale and HP Back”Yes “Sale and Leaseback”
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