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Liberty Leasing have past another milestone in 2013 by advancing over £4 Million on 60 agreements in a single month for the first time ever. With an average balance of over £70,000 on agreements from as little as £13,000 up to £493,000.

Of the £4.3 million advanced, 25% was made on Plant & machinery showing positive signs that manufacturing and producing industries are growing. A massive 23% of all funding in March was for the purchase of Classic Cars – clearly there is great demand for finance of such desirable vehicles (seen by many as a sound investment as much as something to be enjoyed), this also highlights Liberty’s appetite and experience in this sector.

Of the remaining agreements completed 16% of advances were made for the purchase of Prestige and Sports cars (a long established sector for Liberty Leasing) and 8% for regular & fleet cars. Commercial vehicles of all types are still a significant part of what Liberty Leasing do accounting for almost 12% of advances.

Other areas were deals were transacted included Fine Art, Ambulance Services, Television & Gaming. Interestingly 9 in every 10 of deals completed in March were on a Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase basis. Also, Refinance agreements (those usually on a Sale & Hire Purchase Back or Sale & Lease Back) made up one third of all the advances made – this evidences that there is still a demand for clients needing to raise capital from their existing assets or to restructure their existing finances. Refinance has always been a field of expertise at Liberty.

If you would like to help us build on this success please get in touch with your account manager or the sales team today!





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